6 Months Training in Android development

India is expected to have around 3 to 4 million Android – Developers by the year of 2019, making India as one of the largest android developers base in the entire world. Android development is done for modification of system update.

The main noteworthy features of android are:

1. All applications are created equally.
2. Fast and easy Application development.
3. It is “Open Source” model which makes it unique.


Android is the “heart beat” of the mobile software industry as it powers multi thousands of smart phones. There are a millions of users around the globe, which clearly reflects that the professionals required to fuel the operating software requirements is immense.Software professionals particularly those specialized in Android gets special attention in the market as the consumers demand of creative and imaginative apps, creates opportunity for the company to keep updating and designing the innovative applications on the mobile. For these the company needs skilled professionals and this result in increasing job opportunities and career growth.


When it comes to the matter of Android training, ICETL is the best option as it is ISO 9001:2015 certified company which can cover the technicalities of Android in detail. It is the company which offers Android 4/6 weeks summer training classes in different cities of India and also offered job oriented diploma course.

There are certain other features which sets ICETL apart from the rest:

1. Blessed with certifications due to its quality training and support.
2. Student to trainer ratio is 1:1 which gives personalized attention to each student.
3. Well developed labs and technical equipments/software to keep students abreast about the latest changes in technological world.
4. Expert trainers who have in depth knowledge about the technological trends.
5. Online courses are also provided for the students including NRI students across the world.

The main advantages of Kotlin
  • Kotlin allows writing less code
  • It solves developer challenges
  • Adopting Kotlin is easy
  • Kotlin is fully compatible with Java
  • It imposes no runtime overhead
  • Kotlin has a strong community
  • Kotlin suits for the multi-platform development
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Key Point Of ICETL Trainer

We helped Top University or college like UPTU, RGPV and PSIT.
Our Trainers having more than 4+ Working experience in Security Domain.
Successfully Conducted more than 100 workshops and Seminars.
Trained more 10000+ Students and Professional with in India and Outside too.
Trainers Having International Training Experience more than 400 Hours (at Africa).
Trainer are Enlisted in Hall of fame of Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple etc.

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